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About Bryan Winter

Misty Moon Games is the brainchild of Bryan Winter. Bryan's history in the board and card game market begins in the late 1980's, when his college house mate at the University of Michigan, Matt Forbeck, introduced him to Will Niebling, who at the time was a top representative in the hobby game field. Bryan's professional relationship with Matt and Will lasted many years, and led to work for several of the "grand old men" of game companies, including Grenadier, Mayfair, Iron Crown Enterprises and others.

During this time Bryan was also working as the Games Department Head at Rider's Hobby Shops in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, MI. Juggling work, school and ad hoc game company support was a busy, but fun time. After graduation, Bryan moved to Madison, WI to work as the Games and Novelties Product Manager for Capital City Distribution, one of the world's top comic book and trading card distributors. It was during this time that Bryan first started working with Bob Watts and his Philly-based Heartbreaker Hobbies, and Stockholm-based Target Games AB (the two companies were strongly partnered and merged in the late 90's).

Bryan's first project for Heartbreaker was to fill in on a board game project for their new Mutant Chronicles line that was causing them trouble. Essentially, they needed someone to step in and fix the game. Bryan was given very specific instructions: "You have these plastic figures, these specialty dice, and this much cardboard. Go." The result was Fury of the Clansmen, and paved the way for a long relationship with the Mutant Chronicles line.

A few months before Capital City was purchased by its top competitor, Bryan left the company to work as a full-time freelance game designer, primarily for Heartbreaker and Target Games. During that time he became the most prolific designer of collectible card games in the world, creating 6 unique CCGs, plus 7 expansion sets (and a few that never made it to print).

After several years as a freelance designer, Bryan returned to the 9-to-5 world to provide a steady paycheck and health benefits for his family, which now included a baby boy. Fatherhood capitalized his time, but he still had time to work with Madison-based Corsair Publishing, owned by his friend, Jon Leitheusser. With Corsair, Bryan created Dragon Hordes and contributed to a Pulp Dungeons fantasy role-playing compilation along with Gary Gygax and Lester Smith. Bryan performed a great deal of initial graphic design work for Corsair, including providing the page layout for John Kovalic's Dork Tower issue #1.

But real life was knocking too strongly on Bryan's door, and he took a ten-year hiatus from the game industry to help raise his (now 2) young sons. The boys are older now, and it's time to get back to work with a new company and a fresh set of designs that have percolated in his head for the past decade. It's an exciting time.

Bryan still lives in Madison, but he still cheers for the Wolverines.