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The original production team has acquired the backstock of this long out-of-print game from Corsair Publishing and is making them available through this special offer. Learn more about this excellent game below - and get yours while supplies last!

Product Info

It is a time of war. Bloodthirsty hordes march across ravaged battlefields, while massive engines of war lay desperate siege to immense strongholds, and huge clouds of hideoous beasts darken the skies. You are in command to a mighty force fighting an unending battle for precious Eortheblood, the vital resource central to the balance of power.

The critically-acclaimed miniatures game system from 1998 is back! Dragon Hordes includes EVERYTHING you need to play except two standard six-sided dice, including:

  • Easy-to-learn rules for simultaneous battles on land, air and sea.
  • Detailed histories of Eorthe's six major factions, each desperately attempting to gain the upper hand in a war-torn world.
  • Complete lists of the beasts and war machines for all factions, allowing you to field powerful and specialized armies.
  • Descriptions of the incredible magical powers conferred by Eortheblood, and how to use them to annihilate your opponenets.
  • Options for playing single-battle scenarios and extended campaigns.
  • ALL the markers, templates and pieces you need to immediately begin play.

Dragon Hordes is a fantasy "miniatures" game that will allow you to field massive-scale armies accross fantasic battlefields. The reason that "miniatures" is in quotes is because you don't actually need miniature figures in order to play! That's right, the Dragon Hordes book contains EVERYTHING you need to play, except for 2 standard 6-sided dice (and who doesn't have those?).

Once you buy the basic rulebook, you'll have enough markers, counters and playing pieces to play several very involved games with several players! How cool is that?

The basic Dragon Hordes rulesbook contains 96 pages of basic and advanced rules, a rich background that actually gives a good reason for eternal warfare, and complete force lists for 6 unique factions. In addition to the rulebook, you get 20 pages of full-color cardstock counters, markers, playing pieces and unit cards, enough to play really GOOD games with COMPLETE armies, not just lame scenarios with weak forces whose only purpose is to empty your wallet on more and more and more metal minis.

Game Info

The Dragon Hordes rules system is designed to be easy to learn and quick to play, yet to maintain as much command decision and tactical diversity as possible.

The core system is based on two standard 6-sided dice. You won't need any other dice to play. What's more, the game is designed so that every time you roll the dice, you want to "roll low." Too many games make you switch between rolling high for a success and rolling low for a success. Not so in Dragon Hordes!

Another feature is that players the world over will have no problems playing Dragon Hordes. Most miniatures games are locked in a measuring system that only allows inches. However, most of the world is more comfortable with the metric system. With Dragon Hordes, everyone is happy. We list measurements and include templates in both inches AND centimeters, and we do it in a way that is not in the least bit invasive or "messy." We even include rulers in both inches and centimeters!

The Dragon Hordes rulebook includes a special Basic Rules section specially designed for the beginner. It walks new players through the system, by recreating an arial battle between two small dragon armies. After that, the standard rules are presented, which allow for land, sea, and air forces combating through five levels of altitude.

Because Dragon Hordes deals primarily with large figures, a movement system that incorporates a certain lack of maneuverability is important. Dragon Hordes uses a series of round Turning Templates that are used to regulate turning movement. Some figures don't need to use a template to turn, they simply change their facing. The larger the template, the more a figure has to move to turn around. It is really very elegant. These turning templates have another use as well - explosive bursts!

Of course, we also include rules for magic spells, shot deviation, morale, and everything else you'd expect in a fantasy combat game.

Setting Info

As you can see from the sample pieces to the right, there are six unique factions in Dragon Hordes. Each has certain strengths and weaknesses. The basic game contains all the pieces you need to field powerful armies with all six factions!

Theofas Principalities - The closest thing to "traditional fantasy" in this game. These humans control powerful dragon hordes, pegasi, beastmasters, and orcanaughts!

Alef Catechumen - The "elves" of Dragon Hordes, these forest-dwellers see the Eortheblood as the holy lifeblood of the land, and wage a zealous holy war to return its stewardship to their hands. They control enormous insects, spiders, dolphins, and living trees.

Dhurgoth Strongholds - The "dwarves" of Dragon Hordes, this very cool race uses the Eortheblood to create fantasy equivalents of fighter planes, hovercraft, heavy artillery, and battlemecha!

The Forgotten - This long-lost tribe of humans control the dinosaurs of the land. That's right, dinosaurs! T-rex's, raptors, pteranodons, and more!

Selicum Barony - This faction of pirates is composed of human, alef and dhurgoth turncoats ready and able to raid the land for precious Eortheblood.

Swaerthan - Hideous units or horrible monsters, the forces of Swaerthan care little for Eortheblood. They only desire one thing, the total annihilation of all other factions on Eorthe!

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Dragon Hordes is a heck of a lot of fun... exquisitely balanced... you'll get a lot of game play out of it.
- The Miniatures Page

Dragon Hordes takes you where the action is... the rules to this game are suprising simple... very well presented... a TON of counters are including in the back of the book... Excellent!
- RPGnet

Includes 20 cardstock pages of full-color
pieces, markers and templates!
Color Pages

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