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We are dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of quality board, card and hobby games for the world market.

Misty Moon Games was founded by Bryan Winter, one of the most well-respected game designers and developers working today. After a brief hiatus to help raise a family, Bryan returns with Misty Moon Games and several exciting new projects, including:

  • Electorate - Do you have what it takes to win the battle of popular opinion? Vie for power, sway the electorate, and win their support! Adapted from the classic CCG, Kult.
  • Grimoire - The massively multiplayer fantasy board game.
  • Angst-Ridden Bloodsuckers of the Pacific Northwest - The tongue-in-cheek (and teeth-in-neck) goth hipster emo punk vampire game.
  • Red Shirts - When working for the Unified Federacy of Planetoids, the only real job is staying alive.

These and other games are currently in development. Stay tuned for details!

Latest News

Army Ants
A FREE 2-player board game

The Red Ants and a Black Ants are at war! Each side marches from their respective anthills, ready to do battle. The mission: capture the opposing Queen!

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Dragon Hordes
Dragon Hordes Back Stock Available!


The critically acclaimed all-in-one fantasy tabletop game is available again for a limited time.

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