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The original production team has acquired the backstock of this long out-of-print game from Corsair Publishing and is making them available through this special offer. Get yours while supplies last!

  • Easy-to-learn rules for simultaneous battles on land, air and sea.
  • Detailed histories of Eorthe's six major factions.
  • Complete lists of the beasts and war machines for all factions.
  • Descriptions of the incredible magical powers conferred by Eortheblood.
  • ALL the markers, templates and pieces you need to immediately begin play.

Dragon Hordes is a heck of a lot of fun... exquisitely balanced... you'll get a lot of game play out of it.
- The Miniatures Page

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Dragon Hordes Cover

Army Ants

A FREE 2-player board game using a standard deck of playing cards
May be freely reproduced and distributed for non-commercial use only.

The Red Ants and a Black Ants are at war! Each side marches from their respective anthills, ready to do battle. The mission: capture the opposing Queen! Army Ants is a simple game that can be remarkably deep. Setup is easy and play is fast, with most games lasting about 20 minutes.

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